Thursday, October 23, 2014

Peach Float Cake

This dessert is pretty quick and easy to prepare. Actually, this is 99% identical to mango float. I was craving for mango float the other day but I don't have mangoes. So instead I used peaches. A can of peach halves is a good substitute in case fresh mango is out of season. 
You'll need all purpose cream, condensed milk, peach halves, and graham crackers.
Combine cream and condensed milk. Mix it well and set aside. Now it's time to slice the peach thinly.

Grab a bakeware like pyrex then arrange a layer of crackers on the bottom. Pour and spread some cream on top.
Now it's time to add some peach slices. Just repeat the steps up to your desired thickness. Don't forget to crush some graham crackers and put them on the top. When it's done, place it in the fridge or refrigerator. Make sure it's cold when served.

I like to garnish mine with chocolate sundae and strawberries/cherries on top. This is just an optional. 

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