Thursday, January 21, 2010

Banana Trading

As you all know ( or to those who doesn't know) my parents' business is banana trading. They have been in this business since I can remember. It is really amazing how much they work just for the business to thrive. They both have my respect for all the hard work that they do. Both my parents work so hard and they are very wise with their business dealings. I am more impressed that they have business insurance. I really didn't expect them that they will think of having a business insurance but I am glad they have because that will help protect the fruits of their labor.

Knowing my Mom who really holds on to the money really tight, I wonder where she gets a cheap insurance for their business. I am almost sure that the insurance must be cheap or my Mom won't bother getting it. Wherever she got it from, I am glad that Mom managed to get a business insurance. I don't want their hard work to be in vain in case something happens.

2 diner's comment:

nice A said...

Hi Dhemz! Glad that your parents' banana biz is doing very well.
How's your grand vacation? Can't wait for vacay posts:)

kathy said...

Sis, datu man diay ka'g kaliwat oi! hehehhe.. Btaw oi, sensya na kron lng jud ko kbalik dri kay abi jud nko Feb pa ka mobalik ug blogging... Anywy, pag-enjoy dha.. pictures dayon ha...