Thursday, January 21, 2010

Enjoying our Philippine Vacation

We are having a time of our life with our vacation. It is so great to be with my biological family again and at the same time we enjoy the fact that this vacation only happens once in every few years. After this vacation, I will be back to my busy life. I will be back to being a student again in addition to being a wife and a mother. I know I will be busy that is why I should enjoy this vacation and bond with my family and relax too. I am sure that I have so many things that needs to be taken cared of when I will be back and one of those is to make sure that our home insurance is in order. I already plan to look for different home insurance quote. I will deal with it when we will be back but right now, I will let myself enjoy a worry-free vacation!

4 diner's comment:

nice A said...

saan pictures ng vacay niyo? share naman jan hehehe! anyways, enjoy it tlga to d max!

analou said...

Yes, enjoy kalang dyan my friend. ALam mo na dito sa US always busy ang atong beauty. It seems like time runs so fast here. Don't forget to pst the pictures when you're back.

Tita Beng said...

Hi Dhemz!

How's your vacation? Saan-saan mo na ba dinala si Greg dito sa Pinas?
I hope you're having a grand time by now. Ingat lang lagi..

MJ said...

good dapat lang mag-enjoy vacation eh...asa naman picture daj...?