Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lost’s Episode “The Moth”

This was a very good episode of the hit TV series "Lost". While most episodes of Lost leave you hanging and leaving you asking more questions than answers, this episode finally tackled a problem that viewers could see at the begging of the show.
Charlie’s drug addiction wasn't at first apparent. While viewers knew what was going on in Charlie's head during most of the first few episodes, the other survivors seemed to have no clue about Charlie's drug addiction. When Locke decides to stay back at the caves with Charlie to help go through the wreckage he confronts Charlie about his problem. Locke gives Charlie the opportunity to quit the addiction on his own. This starts to form Locke's character even deeper then had previously been explained. Locke seems to want to help everyone understand and face their fears. He helps people grow emotionally.
Locke gives Charlie three chances to ask for his drugs back in this episode. As I was watching "The Moth" on cable tv the other night, I was sure that Charlie would eventually give in to his addiction. In real life, heroin is an extremely hard addiction for people to quit and under the circumstances of a plane crash, it would be even harder to quit I imagine.
By letting Charlie give up the addiction himself, Locke gave Charlie a unique opportunity to understand how strong of a person he really is. In this situation it was vital to give Charlie that confidence because it would help him survive on the island. I thought this was one of the best episodes of Lost during the first season and I hope the second season brings more like it.
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