Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sport Lover

Thanks to my friend Bryan Holt for the guest post.
I can enjoy TV like never before now that I have a DVR with my directtv satellite california. I didn’t know how much fun or how much I was missing until I could record my programs. Choosing each one carefully, I had a choice of being home to watch a show or read about it later. Now I can watch shows anytime I choose.
With the advancement of DVR technology I can record a program to watch later. I don’t have to miss a prime time special because someone else in the house is watching a sports program. I can enjoy the sport while knowing I will enjoy my night time choice later. There are so many ways to use the DVR, you never have to feel left out again.
As a sport lover, I like several different types of sports programming and I don’t like to make a choice when there are two shows on at the same time. With a DVR I can watch in picture programming. This is being able to watch one sport program and at the same time watch the other one at the same time in a smaller box on the same screen. It’s the best way to go in modern TV fun.

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Lulu Post said...

agoy unsa ba nga ang aho na reject man "not related to advertiser" unsa na....

Unknown said...

sus bayot, si kitchen daghan jd ug opps dili na mapugngan ang pagdatu hehehe. Mayao pa ang kusina tsang gamay na ang alexa. sus ang akoa tsang nga perti mn nakasaka, mura mn nag hiking or tour de france hehe