Sunday, June 6, 2010

What I like to do with my son on the internet

My son, Nicolas, and I love to surf for animal websites using my awesome hughesnet internet service. He likes to learn everything he can about animals and loves to especially see pictures of baby animals. We also like to play games on some of the children web pages, but I always watch carefully to see that he stays on websites intended for children.
He especially enjoys any game that teaches him something as he has a ravenous appetite for learning. He loves spelling games and math games the most. We often surf for new Leap Frog toys or books for his TAG reading system so that I know what he currently likes for the purpose of gifts.
I try to limit his internet time to no more than thirty to 45 minutes a day, though if he finds something he really wants to keep doing I may extend that to as much as an hour. Either way, I make sure that he is supervised the entire time to ensure that he is not seeing things I would rather he did not see. Thanks to my local hughes internet service Maine it is easy for me to do this. But my hughes net service also includes many things for me such as and any other of my favorite websites.
Thanks Tim Richards for the guest blog post

3 diner's comment:

Lulu said...

agoy ikaw nalang gipangga kay wala na ko kadakop...

how's your flight?

Cacai M. said...

I thought this is your post Dhemz. I was in awe a bit seeing you have a son.. nyahahah.. anyway, now I know seeing at the end that this is a guest post.. :)

Lulu Post said...

mami pastilang daghana sa guest post ganina ... 170 gud maayo ihatag to tanan aron mabayran plete padung vegas hehehe