Friday, July 23, 2010

Will and Grace

Guest post of the week by Monte Dominguez
Will and Grace is a popular sitcom availible through satellite tv offers. It is set in New York City. Will is played by Eric McCormack. He is gay and a lawyer. He has a very nuerotic side and likes to clean and wants everything in its' place. Will wants to find Mr. Right but you never actually see him be sexual with anyone. Grace is portrayed by Debra Messing. She runs her own interior design firm. She is obsessed with food and is messy. Grace struggles to find a relationship with another man, other than Will. Also, are their friends Karen and Jack. Karen is a rich socialite who works for Grace but, really does nothing. Megan Mullaly got rave reviews for playing this part. She often abuses pills and alcohol. This character is the only married one, even though we never see her overweight husband. Jack is a struggling entertainer and is usually broke. He was played by Sean Hayes. This character is superficial and flamboyant and is the more stereotypical homosexual role. It is mostly about the relationships with each other and how different each one is and how they balanced each other out. This show is rare because you always know that Will and Grace won't end up in a romantic relationship but will somehow always be together.

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