Saturday, August 7, 2010

Grinding Teeth

Do you have an issue of grinding your teeth when you sleep? Do you know someone who does? Grinding teeth in sleep is a big issue for many people and that is why they should seek help. Teeth grinding in children is also a growing problem and doctors think that children who grind their teeth might be under stress or have improperly aligned teeth or they might have another medical condition such as pinworm, endocrine disorder, allergies or another nutritional deficiency. Some signes you should watch for are complaints of a sore jaw, pain with chewing, headaches, damaged tooth enamel, ear aches, thumb sucking, chewing inside a cheek or fingernail biting. You should check with your dentist especially if your child is grinding their big teeth after they lost their children teeth. The dentist can come up with a treatment for your child before they damage their teeth. You might think about getting your child a mouth guard to help them from grinding their teeth. So what are you waiting for? If you or someone you love is grinding their teeth, you should checkout this website and consider visiting your dentist today. You don't want to wait to long because this can later be a serious issue.

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