Monday, November 8, 2010

Clean a Hardwood Floor With Dish Soap

I think hardwood floors are an elegant feature in any home. They're also the most prone to wear due to constant foot traffic. Regular care is required to keep your floors in good condition, but you don't need to hire professional cleaning services. With a little effort and the everyday cleaning supplies you keep around the home, you can keep your hardwood floors looking beautiful.
Things You'll Need:
Clean cloth
Dish soap

- Mix a 1/4 cup of dishwahsing soap with a bucket of warm water.

- Dip your mop in the bucket of soapy water. Wring it out before mopping to ensure you don't drip excess water onto your hardwood floor.

- Mop your hardwood floor with the soapy water. Clean the entire hardwood surface of your floor, including corners and less-trafficked areas.

- Mop again with clean water. This will rinse your hardwood floor of any soap residue.

- Buff your hardwood floor with a dry, clean cloth. This will remove any excess water and polish the wood to a clean, streak-free shine.

4 diner's comment:

Tina said...

wow.. malimpyada man sad ko ana ug samot day.. hehehehe

Lulu Post said...

hahah carpet man mi mami dhemz so dili ni mada naho

Chubskulit Rose said...

I rarely clean our hardwood floor at our basement lol.. thanks for the tips

Unknown said...

I really do prefer hardwood tsang. nagtubo bya kong wood ang salug and besides na dali ra pasinawon uy, kining carpet, gasto nya hugaw sd uy