Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vegetable Garden Layout

Planning a vegetable garden begins long before your spade breaks soil. Start by examining the space you have available for a garden, then determine what vegetables your family will use. Sketch a layout idea on graphing paper so you have a plan to follow when you head outdoors.
Flat Bed
A flat bed garden is a traditional garden layout. The garden can be any size you require, but they are generally rectangular in shape to allow for straight, even-sized rows.

Raised Bed
A raised bed garden is a way for gardeners to overcome infertile native soil. These gardens are built above the ground and filled with a mixture of fertile garden soil, compost and peat. In general, keep raised bed gardens relatively small so they are easy to work in.

Container Gardens
If space is at a premium, container gardening is another layout option. Nearly any vegetable that can grow in a traditional backyard garden can also grow in a container. Container gardens work well indoors or outdoors, and since each vegetable is in a container, this garden layout is also portable and easy to increase or decrease in size.

5 diner's comment:

Tina said...

how i wish naa ko vegetable garden sa ako backyard nga very organize..

Lulu Post said...

palit lang ko sa tindahan ug vege kay wala koy yuta dire

mommy Orkid Belle said...

Oh! We just love gardening. Bless lang pod mi nga naa jud tawn dako na yard since we all love fresh veggies and fruits. Dili pod lalim, but worth it. :) Labay ko diria mommy Dhemz!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Nice tips sis parang facebook yung design lol

Unknown said...

Maayo na gyud ni mananom ay ky dako ug garden sa ilang likod sa cali hehehe. Ako paabut na laman ko makabalay ko ug dakong hawan aron mananom ko ug dolyares ug uban pang dolyares hgehehe