Saturday, February 26, 2011


I remember in one of the speeches of then US President George W. Bush, he once said, ‘that in a not so distant future, no one will be left out and everyone will go to school’. I think that future is today. In whatever and however way it is, the idea is everyone now can go to college.

I was really surprise to know that there are actually internet programs and ways to save money for college even if you are practically spending on things everyday.

Truth is, we spend money in all the things we need on a daily basis, from our food to toiletries to medicine and why not save something out of your spending? Sounds cool, right!

The idea is that you just have to shift your shopping from your local grocery store to Upromise online store and for every cent you spend you are actually accumulating savings deposited into your Upromise account. And in due time, you can withdraw it to pay your student loan or use it for college or other expenses.

So why spend on something that will just go down the drain, start using coupons for ll bean now to start saving. You should visit and sign-up for free.

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