Wednesday, May 1, 2013

3 Things You Only Eat In China

I was lucky enough to go an on adventure to Beijing back in the summer of 2010. I learned all about Chinese culture, language, and food. The food was amazing and I was surprised by some of the things I found. Here is a list of foods that I found in China that I won't find here in the states.

1. Viennetta Ice Cream
That's right! You might remember Viennetta for years ago. It was an ice cream layered with chocolate flakes in the shape of a pound cake. It was a rare treat for me as a kid and then it suddenly disappeared. I craved Viennetta ever since. On the campus I was studying at in Beijing, I would often stop by a tiny shop that sold snacks and frozen treats. It was hot and humid everyday in Beijing and I wanted something to cool off. I am sifting through ice creams and to my shock I see whole piles of single serve Viennetta, name brand and everything! I had a Viennetta everyday until I left because I knew I would never find it in the states.

2. Candy Grapes
I was wandering around a popular area in Beijing. It is packed and there are food stands everywhere. I see something that looks interesting and I go to investigate. There are grapes on skewers that are candied just like they do apples in the states. I had never seen this in my native land of Texas and had to give them a try. They were delicious. Candy grapes on a skewer are a lot easier to eat than getting your whole face sticky with a candy apple. It is genius and I wish I would come across them in fairs around here. At the very least, they could be made at home just as easy as a candy apple!

3. Scorpion on a Stick

On the same day that I found candy grapes I found something a bit more interesting. Scorpions on a stick. Alive. You could grab yourself a treat of scorpion before heading out on the road again. Don't worry, you don't eat them alive. You pick out your favorite living scorpion and then they cook it up right in front of you! At least you know that you are getting it fresh. My dad and his friend kept saying they were going to give it a try. I will give you one guess on what didn't happen!

Those were just a few unique foods I found on my trip to China. There is a whole different world out there and I am glad that I got to see a little more of it. Go out and explore! Don't be afraid to travel to new places. You never know where you will find that fabled childhood treat like Viennetta!

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