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Interesting Information about Cheesecake

The History of Cheesecake
The first cheesecake was made by Marcus Porcius Cato way back in the days of the Greek Empire. At that time, he did not know that this simple dairy recipe would gain popularity and become one of the most preferred deserts in the world. Indeed, even with each passing day, the cheesecake has continued to retain its appeal and has evolved to meet the changing tastes and preferences of the consumers today.

cheesecakeThe cheesecake is a combination of simplicity and taste. It is made using eggs, sugar as well as cheese. Usually, the cheese is creamy, but, ricotta is used quite often in Italy. Other ingredients that are used in making the cheesecake include cookie crusts, cookies as well as cream. Contemporary cheesecakes are topped up with fruits like the mango, kiwi, strawberries, chocolate and vanilla which are used to decorate the cake further.

People from the world over have added some additional twists to the traditional kind of cheesecakes with each version being as sumptuous as the next. The famous New York cheesecake is referred to as the cottage and it is enjoyed all over the globe. It has heavy cream and perfect consistency. Other famous cheesecakes are the Italian styles that are made using ricotta and vanilla extracts so as to enhance the flavor.

Majority of the food loving nations have come up with their own interesting versions of cheesecakes. The Germans utilize the quark cheese while the Brazilians add guava marmalade to their cheesecakes. The Canadians add the maple syrup to their cheesecakes giving it a tasty appeal.

The cheesecake is also common in Asia, where is has grown to become the flan cakes that are famous in Manila and Singapore. The flans are made with the use of eggs and starch. Vegetarians have also whipped their own cheesecake with the use of tofu in place of creamy cheese and their version also has an amazing taste.

How to Make the Perfect Cheesecakes
Since the cheesecake is known for its elegance, it should be prepared right. This dessert is known for its creamy look and taste. However, even though many people enjoy eating cheesecakes, they do not know how to prepare them. The secret behind making cheesecakes is ensuring that it is as creamy as possible. Mentioned below are some tips that will assist you in baking one of the best cheesecakes:

Prepare the Batter.  In order to make the best batter, you should ensure that the ingredients are kept at room temperature before you start mixing. Ensure that you have mixed the eggs and cheeses thoroughly until they are totally creamy before you can add in other ingredients to the mix. Use well known, quality cream cheese such as Swiss, cheddar or cottage cheese in the mix.

Avoid Over Mixing. In case you are making use of an electric mixer, do not over mix. Once the lumps are gone and the mixture turns creamy, put off the electric blender. In some situations, excess air may be incorporated inside the mix through over beating hence creating bubbles inside the batter that can result to cracking, which is the most common problem that occurs with cheesecakes that are made from home. Though manual mixing is not easy, it is one of the safest approaches that you can use so as to avoid over mixing.

Cook the Cheesecake Slowly. High temperature is not recommended for baking the perfect cheesecake. In case you either heat or cool the cheesecake fast, it will get some cracks. Once the cake is cooked, you should turn off the oven and leave the cheesecake inside until it is totally cold so as to prevent the formation of cracks. The same process should be done before removing the cake from the baking tin. You should ensure that it is completely cool. Keep in mind that these kinds of cakes are affected negatively by temperature swings.

In order to enjoy the tastiest, creamiest, and cheesiest cheesecake, always start with a good cream cheese since it has got the highest amount of fat content that will help you achieve the desired smoothness. By topping your cheesecake with orange slices, berries and shredded coconut all rolled in sugar. Irrespective of whether you prefer your cheesecakes airy, light and rich, ensure that it is extremely creamy.

Cheesecakes and Losing Weight
It is possible to lose weight and enjoy doing it. Most people assume that they should restrict themselves from eating sugars and desserts so as to avoid gaining unnecessary weight. It is worth noting that when the body craves for these kinds of foods and you deny it what it wants, then your dieting efforts may not prove fruitful.

Usually, the human body is programmed in a way in, which it avoids pain and seeks pleasure. When you deny the body from eating the foods that it wants, the body will naturally begin to defend itself against pain because it wants to provide you with pleasure. When you starve the body, it ends up fighting you. This is the reason why majority of the super crash diets fail. By eating cabbage soup for weeks on end, you make your body crave for high calorie foods, which you could easily abuse and end up with a failed kind of diet.

You can enjoy eating cheesecakes, but, in moderation. Simply ensure that you eat the right portions. Do not totally deprive your body from eating these amazing desserts. For majority of the people, eating is an emotional affair. Satisfaction is derived from eating such foods, therefore, do not become your own enemy by depriving your body from these kinds of foods. The golden rule is simply to keep the portions moderate.

As you enjoy your sumptuous cheesecakes, eat tiny portions, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly. A combination of these will greatly assist you in losing the weight that you desire. Remember that you should eat cheesecake and not the entire cake. You can come up with a weekly timetable that indicates how often you can eat the cheesecake and at what portions. By rewarding yourself, your body will definitely feel pleasurable.
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