Tuesday, May 21, 2013

6 Cool Mugs To Help You Stay Addicted To Coffee

1. Spiky Mug
Do you have a problem with people stealing your coffee at work? Are co-workers constantly begging you to share your coffee with them? Do you want to make sure your coffee is always well-protected from dangerous individuals? You probably don't have any of these problems at all, but it's always nice to be prepared. Take no prisoners with the Spikey Coffee Mug. This hand-made mug protects your cup of Joe with the best defenses ever seen on a mug. Those pesky co-workers of yours won't be stealing coffee from you anymore! Just make sure you don't spill this cup, otherwise, you may end up with a lap scorched by hot coffee and spikes to add to the pain.

2. Tank Meter Coffee Mug
Are you tired of looking into your coffee mug to see how much coffee is left? Does the steam from the coffee just irritate your eyes? The Tank Meter Coffee Mug makes your life easier! Rather than putting your eyes in great danger, you can simply look on the side of this cup to see how much fuel you have left. This heat sensitive mug won't let you down! The real question is: "Is your mug half empty or half full?"

3. Toilet Bowl Coffee Mug
Show your co-workers what you've learned from your puppy at home: drink from this toilet bowl coffee mug. This is clearly the classiest way to consume your morning beverage. You don't even have to put the seat down after you're finished using it. So, the next time you enjoy your coffee in the morning, make sure you use this mug to get a gentle reminder that your coffee shares the color of your excrement.

4. Gameboy Coffee Mug
This is one for all the old-school gamers out there. Enjoy your coffee from a mug decorated as your favorite hand-held device: a classic Gameboy. Happily chug away at your coffee with memories of your favorite Gameboy games floating through your head. Once you're done with your drink, there will be a sign indicating that you've reached the end of your game.

5. Pipe Mug
Not satisfied with just a Gameboy Coffee Mug? Get the Pipe Mug! This is designed after the wonderful green pipes found in the Super Mario games. It also comes with coasters designed after various blocks from the game.

6. Camera Lens Coffee Mug
Here's one for fans of photography. This mug is designed with great accuracy after a real camera lens. So when you're out on your next photo-shoot early in the morning, take this with you to stay in style. Just make sure you don't mistake one of your real lens for this mug or vice versa. I cannot be held responsible if you pour steaming hot coffee on your camera lens.

About the author: Michael is a blogger for Smith Monitoring, a home security company that provides the best home security systems. He is addicted to coffee. He loves coffee. Coffee is good. Oh my gosh, coffee. Coffee please. More. Coffee. Now.

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