Thursday, May 16, 2013

Why Macarons are Popular in Singapore?

Singapore is nowadays an important business hub and center for education. This is the reason that people from all over the globe travel to this country and have an impact on the local culture. Due to this international exposure Singapore has developed a multi cultural environment that imbibes the best of western culture while maintaining the basic Singaporean sensibilities. This international exposure is not just limited to education and business; it has also affected the food habits of Singaporeans. Like people all over the world Singaporeans are also very fond of sweets and confectioneries. One example of this impact on the local taste buds is the popularity of macarons among Singaporeans.

The people of Singapore have developed a special liking for this delectable confectionery item and you can find Macarons in Singapore in many of the bakery and confectionery stores. This sweet has its origin in France but has now become popular all over the world. It is a simple yet delicious recipe that can serve as a dessert or a snack by itself. The French macaron is a sandwich cookie which is meringue based and is made from egg whites, confectionery and granulated sugar and almonds. Since its popularity has spread worldwide there are variations of the basic sweet available. Different flavors like fruits, coconut, nuts etc are added to the basic recipe to make is even more delicious. Different varieties of this sweet are readily available in Singapore in confectionery stores like the Obolo Bakeshop.

If you are a connoisseur of good and rich taste in food then macarons are the right food for you. Their taste is really unique and different from most other sweets and confectionery items. They are an ideal menu choice for a birthday party or any other special occasion. Your guests will not only enjoy the delicious taste of this sweet, they will also appreciate your good taste and choice. This is the reason that macarons in Singapore are not just used as desserts after meals but also gifted to family and friends on special occasions. They can also be the ideal gift for someone you love. Rather than gifting your beloved the same old clich├ęd chocolate, it will be a novel idea to gift this delicious sweet.

The best part of the macaron is that a dish of this sweet looks good when kept on the table. It can be made in different colors according to the flavors added to it. Many people in Singapore have also learnt to make this simple recipe at home. Others who do not want to spend the time and effort in making it prefer to order it from one of the popular sweet and confectionery outlets like the Obolo Bakeshop. What's more this sweet can also be ordered on the internet. The shelf life of this sweet is fairly long considering the fact that it is a food item. Most delivery services of online confectionery stores are quite prompt and they will deliver this sweet to you in the right condition for you to eat and enjoy it.

Macarons in Singapore. Each French-styled macaron is an art piece. Appealing flavours, natural, smooth, light, not overly sweet. Obolo craft an award winning macarons!

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