Thursday, July 25, 2013

Healthy Versions of Junk Food for Kids

Many kids in the contemporary world prefer junk foods to healthier foods such as whole meal cereals and veggies. Kids’ favorite junk foods can be made healthier by adding few things to boost fiber and veggies while leaving all the flavor of the food intact. In this article, we are going to look into some healthy versions of junk food for kids.
Veggie Chips

These are natural crispy chips that are dipped into a healthy salsa. These veggie chips do not have trans-fats and sugar but only 0.5 grams of saturated fats per serving. In addition, they have 3 grams of proteins and 2 grams of fiber in one serving making the meal healthy for kids craving for chips. It is worth mentioning that veggie chips are non-generically modified.

Banana Quinoa Waffles

Most kids love waffles for their breakfast. You can make waffles healthier by using ripe bananas and protein-packed quinoa flour. The ripe bananas help to add natural sweetness to the waffles instead of using sugar. Spiced banana quinoa waffles will be a special breakfast treat for your kids.

Sweet Potato Fries

It is well known that kids love French fries. With all the oil that these French fries are dunked in so that they can crisp up, it's no wonder that they are not healthy. But it doesnt have to be all doom and gloom because you can always bake them using less oil, in addition, make use of sweet potatoes or cassava to make the fries. This helps to add beta carotene as well as fiber.

Whole Wheat Pizza

Pizzas are loved by everybody though they are not so healthy because they have plenty of fatty cheese and carb-rich ingredients. The good news is that you can make a healthy pizza for your kids at the comfort of your home. Use whole wheat crust and wholesome toppings from real tomatoes, mushrooms and fresh mozzarella. A whole wheat pizza will breathe a new life to your kids’ favorite junk foods.

Carrot Cake Pancakes

Make healthy pancakes for your kids by using whole grain flour and packing them with veggies with natural sweetness such as beets, zucchini and carrots. To add spice to the pancakes you can add nutritional flavor and oomph.

White Beans Burgers

Instead of using meat to make hamburgers, it is a wise idea to use white beans and savory flavor. These types of burgers are very delicious and your kids will definitely fall in love with them. The best thing is that they are rich in fiber, protein and vitamins.

Honey Mustard Chicken Tenders

Are your kids’ lovers of chicken nuggets? With all the sugar, meat glue, sodium and additives; chicken nuggets are the last thing you wish to give to your kids because they are far from being healthy. But it will be unfair to deny your kids something they love. Instead of chicken nuggets give your kids a healthier option of honey mustard chicken tenders.

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