Thursday, July 11, 2013

Obolo Bakeshop: The Best Place for Macarons in Singapore

The great French cookie is surely one you don't want to miss out on in Singapore.Like the newest release of your favorite music, or magazine, or the new movie out in town, or even that special occasion you look forward to, the macaron stays fresh, tasty, and leaves you yearning for more.
36pcs party box
Where Macarons Originally Came From?
As you enjoy macarons in Singapore, it is such an awesome idea to know something about their origin. Your friends will find you knowledgeable, and better still, you will be amazed at how they came about! In 1533, this cookie was first baked by the chef who prepared meals for Catherine de Medics, Ducd'Orleans wife. He later became king of France in 1547. He was widely known as Henry II. At the dawn of the 20th century, Louis Ernest's grandson thought that he could stick the cookies together with "panache" and the whole idea of this cookie being double, with either ganache, butter cream, or jam sandwiched in between, was born.
How to Prepare Delicious Macarons?
There are two methods, the French and Italian methods. The latter is more enjoyable, with better and consistent results. The oven should be preheated to 350 degrees, and a rack placed at the middle. Parchment paper should be aligned with baking sheets. Mix the almond with the confectioner’s sugar, in a big bowl. They are then whisked together so ensure that all the clumps are blended and broken. Weigh some egg white portions. Pour the egg whites into the center of the bowl’s contents. The egg whites are then blended into the ingredients, until they mix evenly into a thick paste.
The syrup is then prepared. Water and sugar are put into a saucepan, and placed over heat which is medium-high. A candy thermometer should be at the side. The egg whites should be whipped at a temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Whip another portion of egg white in a stand mixer bowl at a speed which is medium-low, and put one pinch of sugar. The egg whites should be whipped until soft peaks are formed. At 248 degrees Fahrenheit, remove the syrup from the heat. Slowly pour out the syrup. Continue whipping the meringue. Color can be added here. A third of the meringue is added to the bowl which has the mixture of almond, and folded in until the mixture is smooth. The batter is added to a pastry bag, and held perpendicularly to the baking sheet about half an inch on top of the pan. The baking sheet is transferred to the oven and temperature is reduced to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. The baking should take between 9 and 12 minutes. When the shells are ready, pair them up, and choose what to sandwich between them.
Where to Buy Macarons in Singapore
If you opt for some made by experts, Obolo Bake Shop is the place for you! It provides you with a wide range of options for Macaron from 3 to 24 pieces gift boxes, party boxes, favor boxes, lollipop, as well as combo box, all at fair prices, and with deliveries to where you are.
Macarons in Singapore. Each French-styled macaron is an art piece. Appealing flavours, natural, smooth, light, not overly sweet. Obolo craft an award winning macarons!

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