Friday, July 23, 2010

A New Bike for My Daughter
I absolutely believe all kids should learn to ride bikes. Riding a bike is important because it is a healthy, free, and liberating activity. I definitely think all kids should learn, no matter where they live. My daughter got her first bike when she was 3 years old and learned how to ride a bike just recently. And now she don't like to use it anymore. She thought it is too small for her. My husband and I are planning to buy her a new bike like the one from KidsWheels has all kinds of riding toys like cars, pocket bikes, Kids battery powered electric toy cars, Kids cars, Kids ride on trucks, Kids ride toy Quads, Pedal Cars, Big Toy Ride Ons, Big Wheel, Jeeps, Winther Tricycles, and more. From Kids electric ride on toy vehicles and pedal cars to repair replacement parts, toy parts, spare batteries, battery chargers, switches, replacement gearboxes, wiring, wheels and other replacement operational parts has it all !

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