Saturday, October 30, 2010

Edible flowers

by images

Edible flowers add unexpected color and flavor to salads and other foods. Here are a few favorites to choose from:
- Pansies are slightly spicy.
- Calendulas are bland, but with their yellow and gold colors, they make a pretty garnish.
- Nasturtiums are peppery.
- Chive blossoms have an oniony flavor.
- Squash blossoms taste a little like the squash they come from.
- Roses offer a slight sweetness.
- Violas or violets bring a sweet -- but sometimes tangy or spicy -- flavor.
- Geranium flavors vary, so taste before using.
- Borage has a cucumber-like flavor.

8 diner's comment:

zh3en22 said...

Ang ganda, edible ba talaga yan?

zh3en22 said...

Squash blosssoms and chives lang ang alam ko ^_^

Karen Chayne said...

wow naa diay ingon ana sis? karun pa galing ko kabalo naa diay makaon nga bulak.. hehehe

Chubskulit Rose said...

squash and malunggay lang ang alam kong kinakain hehehe

Unknown said...

hehehe edible jud na sya Dhemz?? mura man na kadtong isaboy bitaw sa aisle kung naay kasal hehehe

Unknown said...

parang wala pa'kong nakakain na flower maliban sa bulaklak ng squash, malunggay at katuray.. wait, meron pa ba? pero flower na gulay un e..

torque15 said...

they say colors influence one's appetite. madaghan atong kaon ani kay gwapo na ug presentation, nice colors on the table pa jud!

Clarissa said...

maraming edible flowers na ginagamit for bento dito.